Whether you are off on holiday or just want year-round silky smooth skin, waxing is the most popular and cost-effective method. iStyle waxing services cater for men and women – if you are new to waxing, don’t hesitate to call us for a chat…


Briefly, here’s what to expect:


  • Warm wax is applied using a roller system (which is more hygienic than the traditional pot and spatula waxes).
  • The roller system delivers a more even coating and a more comfortable experience for the client.
  • Strips are then applied and the wax is removed swiftly and with the least possible discomfort by an experienced therapist.

The main benefit of regular waxing is that it encourages coarse hair to grow back much finer.
For optimal results, please ensure your hair growth is no less than 4-6mm.
Re-growth will begin to appear after 10 days and be ready for removal again after 4-6 weeks.

Please do not have any heat treatments during the 24 hours after your waxing treatment – this includes sunbeds, sauna, steam swimming, hot baths, and sunbathing.