iStyle: a totally unique experience

You’ll quickly notice that iStyle is different. Tracy and Chris, your hosts, have created a fantastic venue, a place to truly enjoy a ‘trip to the hair stylist’: light and airy, spacious, modern yet with a warm, friendly, fun atmosphere. They and their staff want you to feel pampered and 100% delighted with your hair EVERY time you visit.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect

  • Highly experienced ‘London-calibre’ stylists
  • London quality without the London price tag
  • Convenient location with ample FREE parking
  • Spacious, comfortable reception area with plasma TVs and coffee bar
  • Advance appointment reminders via text
  • Open until 8pm Monday – Friday, and Sundays by appointment
  • Special offers

Convenient location

iStyle is located in Newbury Trade Park, in an ample 4000 sq ft creatively converted warehouse – a very different setting compared with the average cramped high street hair salon! We are easily accessed just on the outskirts of Newbury town and once you get here, you will find we have plenty of free parking, so you won’t have to traipse around town looking for a vacant slot!

London-calibre stylists

Our hand-picked stylists are highly skilled and intuitive when it comes to finding out exactly what you want. This level of confidence is only gained after many years of experience and training, skills that rank each of them as Senior Artistic Directors. But don’t worry, you’ll see by our price list that we haven’t priced ourselves out of your pocket, quite the opposite – iStyle is very much affordable!

Free consultation

Take your time – this part of your visit is very important! Your stylist will listen to you and then advise on your various options. Creating the result you want is the iStyle promise.


Chill-out on one of our comfy sofas while you wait, or perch on a stool at the coffee bar. We have a large screen Plasma TV and up to date magazines available, or you could just listen and join in with the friendly banter that iStyle is known for! You are our welcome guest, so please make yourself at home…

Absolutely NO RISK

Please note – anything less than complete satisfaction will not do – we insist that you tell your stylist if you are not 100% satisfied as our reputation is far too precious to allow you to leave iStyle with even a minor niggle. In the rare event that corrections need to be done, they will be done free. When you are happy, so are we!

Text reminders

It happens, we all live busy lives, so to help ensure that you don’t forget your appointment we’ll send you a text message a few hours in advance of your appointment.

Cancellations and urgent appointments

iStyle has a 48 hour cancellation policy: when you make an appointment you are agreeing to provide us with 48 hours notice if you need to cancel. Inevitably people do cancel, which means that occasionally we have last minute appointment slots available, so if ever you need an urgent appointment please do phone and check, as we may just be able to fit you in!

Please note, if you cancel an appointment without giving us 48 hours notice, you will be asked to pay in full, in advance, when you book any subsequent appointments.

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