Wake up with the appearance of wearing make up!

Do a fitness class not worrying about make up running down your face.

No more embarrassing moments of eyeliner on your cheeks, or your brows wiping off on to your clothes.



Create a perfect shape to enhance your features, giving subtle lift and definition. With accurate measuring and the client’s personal preference, we will create the perfect brow for each individual client. Whether you want natural or dramatic, iStyle will help you achieve the the ideal shape and fullness personal to you.

Price – £295



Giving the appearance of darker, thicker lashes by using a series of tiny dots between the lashes.

Top or bottom – £100

Top and bottom – £150




Defining eyes dramatic or natural you can create a thin line or thicker line to achieve the look desired

Top or bottom –  £150

Both – £200

Top up prices

9-12 months after treatment £95 per area

12-18 months after treatment £150 per area

longer than 2 years will require full price.